Month: January 2021

Comparing Inaugural Addresses

Luke 4 is regarded by many as Jesus’ inaugural address… a mere 60 words. These 60 words have had more impact on our history than all of our Presidential addresses combined.

God’s Poet Laureates

The third Sunday after Christmas, now known as Word of God Sunday, is all about reminding us that God has spoken powerfully to us in every generation. And that each of us is in our own way to be God’s Poet Laureates.

Repairers of a House Divided

Many are concerned about the divisions in our country and the world. So I should not be surprised at how many are turning to the Bible for guidance especially during this week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

They Never Dreamed Of…

We all get surprised by life and its ups and down. We are were often forced to rethink our dreams. Sometimes we discover or rediscover our mission through these ups and downs.

“Thou shalt not go to bed with political parties”

Christians can become so irrationally blinded by culture wars, debates, and their own opinions about hot-button issues that they often sacrifice the Gospel of Jesus instead of humbly seeking to follow the life and example of Christ.

Prequels to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”

We all know the words “I have a dream”. It was… and remains… a bold dream! The “I have a dream” prequels How many of us know the prequels to these words? I am not looking for notes he made preparing for this speech. It was not a one-time speech. It was another...

Changing the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary?

Oh, for the power to change the ordinary into something extraordinary! Let me back up a bit. We are moving into what the church liturgical calendar calls "ordinary time". However, that doesn't mean ordinary as we understand ordinary. It actually means these Sundays...

Making Sense Of What Just Happened

“Are you the only one in the world who has not heard what is going on in (Washington?)”  (Luke 24:18) People from around the world are trying to make sense of recent events. I offer some resources for reflection.

“What is Truth?”

Pilate’s somewhat cynical question is among the most famous questions of history. In a somewhat prophetic message for World Communications Day 2020 Pope Francis offered what amounts to a “mindwalk” on truth

“Putting Words Into My Mouth”

Helping another to speak what is in their heart requires listening … and connecting. St. Vincent’s canvas and oils were his gifts of helping people to see what they had not seen. With his genius for organizing he involved them in the solution.

“Why, God?” To “With God’s Help, Why Not?”

“ Elizabeth experienced a wide range of challenges and joys as a daughter, wife, mother, laborer, and convert to Catholicism. God’s love and the hope for eternal life gave purpose, meaning, and direction to Elizabeth’s life. She changed “Why, God?” into “With God’s help, why not?”

Things Parents Teach… and Learn

Parents, for the most part, “learn on the job.” What can learn about our role as church today as we celebrate the feasts of the Holy Famiily and Mary Mother of the Church as well as the upcoming “Year of Joseph”?

The Pay It Forward Plan for Peace

Jesus’ mission was all about teaching us to pay it forward. After all, God has first loved us and wants us to pass on the gift of God’s in our lives! Isn’t this what Jesus did? And it changed and is changing the world!



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