Month: May 2021

Are We Ministerial Rip Van Winkles?

As Vincentians we need to recognize this revolution will reinforce the already existing structures of poverty.
Structural information poverty should be a concern of all the followers of Vincent.

Eavesdropping in the Upper Room

What stories Mary could have told! She could have shared much about Jesus that you and I need to hear today… and what we as a Church need to hear.

Who Are the Experts?

People experiencing poverty have an expertise that can not be taught in a classroom. They know their situation from the inside. They understand many dimensions of poverty that may not occur to us.

Pope Francis, Ronald Regan, Stalin, and Lenin??

“All of us are responsible for the communications we make, for the information we share, for the control that we can exert over fake news by exposing it. All of us are to be witnesses of the truth: to go, to see and to share.” Pope Francis

A Daring Prudence – Fr. Robert Maloney, CM

“… create a Family that looks to the past for inspiration, but is also eager to create a vibrant innovative collaborative future in the service of the most abandoned.” Fr. Robert Maloney, CM

Time-lapse photography and the Vincentian Family

Leaders of 97 branches of the Vincentian Family gathered. They represented over 2 million people bringing “good news” to countless millions in 156 countries. One could see the blooming of the Vincentian Family.

Today’s Parish Is Not What It Once Was

“The Congregation is not now what it once was; nor is it what it will be.” Some 400 years later Greg Gay, his 23rd successor, adapted these words. “The world is not now what it once was, nor is it what it will be.” Today we can say “The parish is not now what it once was, nor is it what it will be.”

The Mommy School and Mary

Three words sum up Mary’s attitude: listening, decision, action. They are words that point out a way for us too as we face what the Lord asks of us in life. Listening, decision, action. (Pope Francis)

A Wide-angle View of the Vincentian Family

We are people with a mission…to do what Jesus did. People who use the skills of their profession in frontline “field hospitals” or mobilize those who are committed to “seeking long-term solutions.”

Followers of Jesus – Not In Kansas Anymore?

We’re not in Kansas anymore The Council of Jerusalem some 25 years after Jesus Ascension changed the Church! Yesterday I stumbled on a reflection by Chuck Tanzola, Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. It helped me better understand its significance. In...

Finding God in Interruptions

God will often be in the interruptions, the nuisances, the disruption of our best-laid plans. When we open our eyes, we will experience the Kingdom of God at work in us, through us and around us.



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