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Easter People in a Good Friday/Holy Saturday World?

A great theologian, Johannes Hoffinger, asked: “if we are Easter People, why do we so often look like people in need of an aspirin?” Can we learn to recognize our experiences of the resurrected Jesus today.

Connecting Dots: Lent, Valentine’s Day, and Systemic Change

At first glance, it may seem like quite a stretch to connect Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and Systemic Change. But hear me out. Actually, it is not that hard.

Did Jesus Contradict Himself?

The editors of Commonweal caught my attention! The editorial titled “Advemt in a Time of War” I had never thought the impllications of the following…

What was your mother’s special recipe?

What was your mother’s special recipe?

Mothers often seem to have what seems like a secret recipe or ingredient for preparing a meal.

I wonder whether Vincent had some secret recipe that would account for the momentous changes he brought to the Church and society in 17th-century France.
I suggest it was his ability to imagine and support lay ministry, especially for women.

Is it Time for the “Brocolli” Approach?

Is it Time for the “Brocolli” Approach?

Many generations of mothers have cajoled their children with “Try it. You’ll like it!” (It seems they all went to the same “Mommy” school.)

A famous layman, of the last century, Chesterton, used it in a different sense. ”The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.”

I wonder if maybe we should use the “try it, you’ll like it” approach to synodality.