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Connecting Dots: Lent, Valentine’s Day, and Systemic Change

At first glance, it may seem like quite a stretch to connect Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and Systemic Change. But hear me out. Actually, it is not that hard.

Did Jesus Contradict Himself?

The editors of Commonweal caught my attention! The editorial titled “Advemt in a Time of War” I had never thought the impllications of the following…

Lessons Learned From a “Street Priest!”

Is God tired of us waiting for us among the poor?

Have Catholics Seen Such Polarization Before?

Have Catholics Seen Such Polarization Before?

There is so much polarization in our world today. And it is not just political.

Polarization is on full display at all levels of the Church today… hierarchy, clergy, laity, vowed religious.

Is this the first time in history that the Church has been so divided?

Certainly not!