October 31, 2012 Fr. Mike Carroll reports on impact of Sandy on Province

God and Mary Immaculate have, as always, been very good to all of us as Hurricane Sandy invaded the Province.

I want to report that all of the confreres are safe and we have experienced no major damage at any of our houses including Cape May.

Cape May was south of where Sandy hit land and so did not experience the severity of the surge which towns North of the land fall experienced.

The Confreres in Roseto, the Priors, are still without power and there are many trees down in that area.

Southampton, Long Island. Steve and Hugo left their house since they are across the street from an inlet and received hospitality at local rectories but continue, like everyone else on Long Island, without power.

St. John’s University remains closed since New York took the brunt of the storm.   The confreres had some power issues but they seem resolved.

St. Vincent’s Seminary had some power issues but they are back up to full steam.

May we keep the many that were more severely affected by Sandy in our prayers.


Michael J. Carroll, C.M.