With your help, A Miraculous Impact is a great success. We’re only a little shy of our goal at this point! But the great news is that your generosity is enabling us to do wonderful things!

Last week, Aida and Sylvia, two young ladies who recently graduated high school, began a program of formation and education to prepare for college. This new facet of our program gives us time to get to know prospective scholarship students and to help them get ready. I’m teaching Mathematics (Algebra and Calculus) and Sciences (Chemistry, Physics and use of MSExcel/OpenOfficeSpreadsheet), and Diego Social Sciences and Language Arts. And I am teaching a little English, too!

I didn’t take photos of them yet, but as we continue I will. They’ll be accompanying me on visits to the rural communities and helping with catechesis in our center in Wilalcala these next six months. Keep us in your prayers. In April we begin construction on the new centers in Ingas and Calacala and it’s all because of you!