GregGay1-208x300-150x150With these words at the final Eucharist Fr. Greg Gay closed the two week meeting of the leadership of our 50 provinces and regions of the world.

“In my opening talk, I used the story of the Transfiguration to focus on our time together, referring to Peter’s words to Jesus upon experiencing the glorious events they saw: “Lord, it is good that we are here!” They are, I believe, a fitting description of our gathering here at St. John’s. Now, as we depart, I offer you Jesus’ final words to his disciples from that same story: “Jesus touched them and said, ‘Rise, and do not be afraid’.” (Mt. 17:7) We have all been ‘touched by Jesus’ in this time together, and so as we leave this ‘mountain of meeting’ to return to our own provinces, let us pray that the transforming love of Jesus, so real in the life of St. Vincent, will be ours as well so we may share it with our confreres and God’s poor, who are our portion.

“Rise, my brothers, and do not be afraid.”

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