The Brooklyn Tablet has a very nice feature about Jim Maher as he leaves Brooklyn and takes over at Niagara.

“Priest Continues path on Life’s Marathon”

Some highlights from the story…

Running a marathon is no easy task. Even with years of training, it’s still a grueling test of perseverance and stamina.

In many ways, the journey of life is synonymous with a marathon. It may involve some challenging times that we think we cannot overcome, but if we just keep pushing forward, an end to those hardships – or the finish line of the marathon – will soon arrive.

For Father James Maher, C.M., D.Min., the metaphor of a marathon has held significant meaning. Not only has Father Maher completed 11 marathons, but he’s also now embarking on a new journey.

After being ordained a deacon in May, 1989, and a priest in May, 1990, Father Maher’s “marathon” at St. John’s began as a campus minister. He then became the campus minister to the athletic department, which allowed him to immerse himself in the school’s top-notch sports program.

Along the way he  conquered 11 N.Y.C. Marathons

“The work is continually ongoing; there are always new challenges ahead,” he said. “I think the great thing about the metaphor of the marathon is the importance of the journey and really staying faithful on the journey.


“The journey right now is at Niagara University as president for me. The calling is to stay faithful to that and see how we can enliven ourselves as a university to live our Catholic mission and our Vincentian mission.”

So far, Father Maher’s transition period at Niagara – also a Vincentian university – has gone smoothly, though he said he has plenty of learning and listening still to do.

“As a Vincentian and a priest, it’s really a privilege to be at a place like Niagara, similar to St. John’s, where the people are so committed and the mission for them is not just a job – it’s a ministry, it’s a vocation, it’s a way of life,” he said.

Though he will have an agenda packed with responsibilities, he said he would still be involved with athletics and support the Purple Eagles whenever he can. He will also frequently run along the tranquil paths of the Niagara River, where he will soak in breathtaking views of Niagara Falls.

As Father Maher continues along his journey on life’s marathon, his time at St. John’s and his time spent on the N.Y.C. Marathon course have fully prepared him for the next phase of his life at Niagara.

Full story and more pictures “Priest Continue path on Life’s Marathon”

(Photo credit Tom Burns, Niagara University)