Greg Gay 1971The diocese of his youth presents with pride the first of a two part series about the Superior General’s early years.

Patti Murphy Dohn writes “Having known members of his family for almost 40 years, attending high school with two of his siblings, and later teaching a number of his younger siblings and nieces, I strive to keep the Vincentian connection alive on our campus, especially near the Founder’s feast day.

Residents of the small Baltimore County town of Kingsville and parishioners at Saint Stephen Church, Bradshaw, George and Jeanne Gay sent their ten children to St. Stephen School and then on to high school studies at John Carroll. Little did they know at that time that their second child, George Gregory, named for his father and called by his middle name Greg, would grow up to answer God’s call to serve the Church as a Vincentian priest and eventually move into a role of service to the entire Congregation based in Rome.
10--Gay SiblingsClick photo to see a large picture of his 9 brothers and sisters.
The story also tells of the Rev. A. Elbert Gay, C.M., Great-uncle and vocational inspiration to Father Greg.
She shares her conversations with his sister. “I spoke at length to Father Greg’s sister Michele Gay Dobson, whom I had in my Church History class when she was a John Carroll junior. Michele told me that when she went to visit her brother in Panama in 1995 she was finally able to see the “squeaky chair that Greg sat on when he called home to our parents.” Michele shared that her brother is amazing and is able to connect with all types of people. “Whether you are a pope or a leper, Greg treats everyone with the same high level of respect.”
During her occasional travels with him over the years, Michele sees people treat her brother “like he is their best friend” due to his caring disposition of treating no one less than another.
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