Super Bowl TraffickingJanuary is Anti-Trafficking Month in the United States.  Pope Francis has called this scourge “the most extensive form of slavery of the 21st century.”

As part of the Vincentian Family Social Justice Collaborators, the Ladies of Charity are being asked to participate in bringing awareness about Trafficking to members and parishes within our Associations.  This is especially relevant for  members of the Vincentian Family in the Metropolitan area as the Super Bowl on February 2 is in New Jersey, adjacent to our region, and major sports events often heighten trafficking activity.

You can participate by helping with the following three ideas:

1.            As requested on the attached flyer, kindly insert a petition on January 26 or February 2 in your  a parish where you may be presiding at Mass  to read:

“For all the victims of Human Trafficking throughout the world, especially for those for whom the Super Bowl might be a time of abuse and entrapment, that they may know freedom and fullness of life, we pray.”

2.            If possible, leave some of the flyers attached in your Church on January 26, so others may carry this message forward.

3.            If you are able to bring this awareness to your local parish or a community group, send an email with the name and location of the parish or group.


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