SJU sealThe St. Johns University website offers this update on the search for a new President…

We are pleased to report that the search for the next president of St. John’s is on schedule and progressing well. Your input on the presidential search website and in focus groups held last fall has been invaluable for guiding the Search Committee. Since sharing the Presidential Leadership Statement with you in early December, more than 160 candidates have been identified through nominations to the SJU website, advertisements posted in various higher education publications, and targeted outreach efforts conducted by our search consultant, Mr. Bill Funk.

The published deadline for submitting applications was January 30, 2014. The Search Committee met during January and February. Through careful evaluation and open discussion, they narrowed the range of prospective candidates to those whose qualifications and experience most closely align with the desired attributes outlined in the Leadership Statement. As a result, a select number of candidates have been invited to participate in interviews with the Search Committee. At the conclusion of this process, the Search Committee will recommend individuals to the Board of Trustees for further consideration.

The quality of the candidate pool is strong and includes both religious and lay individuals holding notable leadership positions including sitting presidents, deans, and provosts. The need for confidentiality at this juncture is critical to ensure that our top candidates remain interested in the position and confident about the integrity of the process.

Rest assured that we will continue to communicate the Committee’s progress when there are substantive updates to report. We aim to achieve a balance that honors each candidate’s desire for discretion, while at the same time, provides meaningful updates on the progress of the overall search to the SJU community.

We continue to welcome your feedback through our website at


Mr. Peter D’Angelo ’78MBA, ’06HON
Co-Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Chair, Board of Trustees, St. John’s University

Very Rev. Michael Carroll, C.M.
Co-Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, St. John’s University