GregGay1-208x300-150x150Father Gregory Gay CM, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, speaks of mercy. (Video)

“To have an inspiring start of this day, the general board (of the Brothers of the CMM) had invited Fr. Gregory Gay to be the key-note speaker. His lecture was very inspiring indeed, and we would like to share his words with you, by providing the text (see link below) and a video compilation.

F. Gay give an overview – “Today, I will explore the virtue of mercy, starting with our contemporary situation, and then retrieving its biblical and spiritual foundations. I will look at the impact of virtue of mercy and its influence on the Church and Christian life. Then I will reflect developing a “culture of mercy” in a world often seen as merciless. After that, I will offer some reflection questions for reflection and discussion. Finally, I will close with a short meditation on mercy, taken from a talk given by Pope Francis to parish priests in Rome, which I think, is a wonderful witness to mercy.”

From the website of the Brothers of the CMM (Congregatio Fratrum Beatae Mariae Virginis, Mater Misericordiae).

Full text Fr. Gregory Gay CM (pdf)