CAMM-candlesJanuary 1 is the Blessed Mother’s greatest Feast Day, “The Solemnity of Mary.” It is the celebration of the Mother of God!! It celebrates everything that we love about God and Mary – that she said, “yes” at the Annunciation and brought forth our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord, to give us the unlimited love of God in our lives, Always! What a great Mother to us, her children.

This year we want to light every vigil light in our Shrine for our Mother to show her our love. We have over 1,000 vigils to light, so don’t delay. Include your deepest and most personal needs at her altar and let her take them, as she promised, to our Lord, her Son. Let’s give our Mother our life, light and intentions, and start the New Year with our Mother of God. Click here to light your vigil candle.