SJUHow did St. John’s University help mold your social consciousness?

A response  from Cara Weidinger, a student at St. John’s University as found on the NCR website….

One: It’s a Catholic university, so I was required to take 18 credits, or six classes, of theology and philosophy. But they weren’t generic classes: I took Catholic Social Teaching, and Moral Theology of Healthcare, and Social Justice, and Contemporary Moral Problems.

Two: It’s a Vincentian university, where social justice is ingrained in so many aspects. I have been a member of Students for Global Justice since my freshman year. I discovered this organization at the activities fair my first week of school. Its members put on events and lectures that were social justice themed. I had the chance to meet other students who were passionate about social justice. Later on, I was able to take a more active role in the organization and work on its e-board, which has allowed me to program events and service opportunities for other students. But what I think is truly remarkable is that Students for Global Justice is not the only organization that attracted me. We also have STAND, ONE, Students for Life, Fair Trade Coalition, and others.

The Vincentian Center for Church and Society on campus gives us a link to a world outside our college campus. We get to meet Vincentian fathers, Daughters of Charity, and laypeople who have all treated the world and its inhabitants with great care. They had an entire conference on social justice last spring and opened it to students for free!

Three: Our student and faculty partner with Catholic Relief Services. Last spring, 11 students, me included, were trained as CRS student ambassadors. Now, we have forged a great bond with an amazing organization that has justice for all as its primary goal, and we can help spread their message on our campus. Through CRS, we have amazing materials, guidance, training, and support. They have been a blessing over the past year.

Our professors have also had created a partnership with CRS, and that has been immensely beneficial to students. In one of my classes, Catholic Social Teaching, I was able to have a discussion with students from Brazil.

I think Vincent would be pleased! Read the full story on the NCR website