Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll

Pentecost 2015

May Christ’s Peace be with you always!

On January 30th and March 15th Rev. Greg Gay, Superior General, sent letters to the Leaders of the Vincentian Family. He has named 2015 the “Year of Vincentian Collaboration.” The goal is to deepen our understanding of our shared Vincentian charism.

The theme chosen is:Together in Christ we Vincentians make a Difference.” We realize that collaboration is rooted in our charism as a Vincentian Family, especially in the example of the lives of our Founders. We also know that we will most effectively serve those who live in poverty only as we collaborate with them and one another.

This Year of Vincentian Collaboration will begin on the Feast of Pentecost, May 24, 2015, and end on the Feast of Pentecost, May 15, 2016.

Fr. Gay has asked us to highlight three special days to celebrate during the year: May 24, 2015 (Pentecost); September 27, 2015 (St. Vincent’s Feast); and May 15, 2016 (Pentecost).

I would like to encourage all of us on Pentecost to ask the blessing and guidance of the Holy Spirit on us, the Vincentian Family. May we begin this special year steeped in the grace of the Spirit that will enable us to respond with ever renewed energy to the needs of our time together.

The Vincentian Family Collaborative Commission has recommended the following three readings from St Vincent’s Conferences to be used as we open the year:

  • To Jean de Fonteneil August 29, 1635; Coste volume 1, #204
  • To Jean de Fonteneil December 7, 1634; Coste volume 1, #189
  • To Etienne Blatiron February 14, 1648; Coste volume 3, #1017.

I ask you also to remember on Pentecost the Daughters of Charity gathered for their General Assembly in Paris and the upcoming election of their new Superioress General.

May the gifts of the Holy Spirit surround us.


For the above texts and a video from Fr. Gregory Gay about the year visit FamVin.org