It all began one morning in 1890 with these four simple words, when a loving mother hung a Miraculous Medal about the neck of her son, as he left home to study for the priesthood.

— a mother’s advice, her way of handing over her boy into the arms of a greater Mother than she.

But this one moment changed the world forever – including yours, my very dear friend. You see, the son in this story was none other than Father Joseph A. Skelly, CM, who, in March, 1915 – 100 YEARS AGO – formed the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal – as a way to spread and increase devotion to Mary.

Skellyh MMFr. Skelly and early members of the Central Association in Philadelphia.

Since then, CAMM has truly helped change the world. And, thanks to your support, together we have now distributed well over 100 million Miraculous Medals … over 60 million prayer booklets … and celebrated over 200,000 Masses and Novena services these past 100 years.

May Appeal 2015

Because of your faithful support, new devotees are coming to know the power of the Miraculous Medal prayer family from all over the world. You are ensuring more people receive Mary’s love and compassion in their hour of need!

CAMM 4 pixPlease take a look back at some of the milestones for CAMM over the years. At every milestone, there have been people like you, who love the Blessed Mother and the importance of her Miraculous Medal. Those who understood in their hearts why CAMM is so important to this world … and have been determined to do what they can to further this mission – for each of us who loves Our Holy Mother.

“Without our promoters and members and their labors as sowers of the seed, we should have neither a past nor a future as an organization.”

Please … can I count on you to show your personal devotion to Our Blessed Mother by sending a generous offering today?

Fr. Carl L. Pieber, C.M.
Executive Director