HumilityContinuing our Monday reflections on Vincentian virtues or Vincent’s “5 smooth stones”, we look at Humility

Vincent reminds us.

“God pours out his inexhaustible gifts on the humble, those who recognize that all good done by them comes from God.”

(Documents, vol.11, pp. 56-67)

  • Do I recognize the truth of who I am?
  • Do I protect myself by intimidating others?
  • Do I cause others to be on the defensive?
  • Do I treat people as well as I think I should?

Some signs of growth

  • Recognizes God as the source of all life – especially his own
  • Depends on God and has confidence in God’s generosity and love
  • Loves self and others
  • Is profoundly grateful for his life
  • Appreciates even the small things in life
  • Enjoys life
  • Accepts gratefully all that is given
  • Does humble, hidden work for the community and the poor without calling attention to himself
  • Ability to admit mistakes and sinfulness
  • Offers and receives forgiveness graciously and generously
  • Ability to graciously accept correction from others especially the poor – who are his “Lords and Masters”
  • Ability to learn and be evangelized by others, especially the poor

Some signs for need growth

  • Depends on self
  • Self-identity is formed from his social status, interests and possessions
  • Expects privilege
  • Is ungrateful
  • Expects to be served
  • Ignores kind gestures from others
  • Is self-absorbed and narcissistic
  • Is seen by the poor as arrogant, aloof and demeaning
  • Is unwilling to do humble work
  • Expects to be praised for what he does
  • Does not admit mistakes
  • Does not offer forgiveness easily
  • Is a “know it all”
  • Is harmful to self and others

Emmet Nolan, cm