Mortification – one of Vincent’s five smooth stones.

Vincent’s perspective…

“Service to God’s people demands a price.  Christians must put aside their  own prejudices, comfortable circumstances, and favorite ideas in order to do the will of God.”

From Praying with Vincent de Paul   Thomas McKenna

  • How would you define mortification?
  • When was the last time you gave up something good to do a better thing?
  • How do you experience mortification in your daily life?

Some signs of growth

  • Is self-disciplined
  • Is able to delay gratification
  • Willingly sacrifices personal convenience, comfort, goals, needs and security to enter into the world of the poor
  • Understands the central role of the cross in following Christ the Evangelizer of the poor
  • Is capable of fulfilling duties and obligations when they are not necessarily to his liking (without complaining)

Some signs for need growth

  • Is undisciplined in his appetites and desires
  • Does not fulfill his unpleasant but necessary obligations and duties
  • Complains often
  • Is unwilling to sacrifice personal convenience, comfort and security for the good of the mission
  • Puts personal well being before the needs of the community and the poor

Emmet Nolan, cm