2016 summer novena

These Novenas Are Offered for the Intentions of These Special Groups:

Sunday, June 12: Priests, Seminarians, and Religious Men & Women

Monday, June 13: Public Servants: Police, Firefighters, and EMTs

Tuesday, June 14: U.S. Veterans and Military Personnel

Wednesday, June 15: Catholic Educators

Thursday, June 16: Catholic Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians

Friday, June 17: Seniors (each service will have “Anointing of the Sick”)

Saturday, June 18: Catholic Lawyers and Business Professionals

Sunday, June 19: Catholic Societies/ Organizations: Knights of Columbus, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, and many more

Monday, June 20: Vincentian and Novena Families: All Who Attend Vincentian Parishes & the Monday Novenas (Past & Present Devotees)

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SUNDAY, JUNE 12: Mother of Mercy

MONDAY, JUNE 13: A Song of Mercy: Salve Regina

TUESDAY, JUNE 14: Jesus is Our Life

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15: Jesus is Our “Sweetness” (Tenderness)

THURSDAY, JUNE 16: Jesus is Our Hope

FRIDAY, JUNE 17: Banished Children No More

-Anointing of Sick at all  Services

SATURDAY, JUNE 18: When I’m in the “Valley of Tears”

SUNDAY, JUNE 19: Reconciliation: Jesus is Clement, Loving, and Tender

**MONDAY, JUNE 20: His Name is Mercy

Preacher: Fr. Aidan Rooney, CM

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