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Father Aidan Rooney began his first day of preaching with ” When Fr. Carl asked me  to preach this novena and said it was a Novena of Mercy I was very, very excited to come here and do this because it is at the heart of the matter for all of us.  As Christians and as devotees of Our Lady if we are not trying to live in mercy and to live mercy we have missed the point of all of it. And so at the beginning of this novena, I echo the words of St. Vincent de Paul  … today let’s ask God for this grace, namely to pray well, let us say to him teach us to pray as we ought,teach us to pray as agents of mercy. Every Monday you gather here to pray and sing Salve Regina.”

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As you can see from the following each day of the novena will be dedicated to a deeper understanding of the words of this well-known hymn.


SUNDAY, JUNE 12: Mother of Mercy

MONDAY, JUNE 13: A Song of Mercy: Salve Regina

TUESDAY, JUNE 14: Jesus is Our Life

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15: Jesus is Our “Sweetness” (Tenderness)

THURSDAY, JUNE 16: Jesus is Our Hope

FRIDAY, JUNE 17: Banished Children No More

-Anointing of Sick at all  Services

SATURDAY, JUNE 18: When I’m in the “Valley of Tears”

SUNDAY, JUNE 19: Reconciliation: Jesus is Clement, Loving, and Tender

**MONDAY, JUNE 20: His Name is Mercy


These Days Are Offered for the Intentions of These Special Groups:

Sunday, June 12: Priests, Seminarians, and Religious Men & Women

Monday, June 13: Public Servants: Police, Firefighters, and EMTs

Tuesday, June 14: U.S. Veterans and Military Personnel

Wednesday, June 15: Catholic Educators

Thursday, June 16: Catholic Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians

Friday, June 17: Seniors (each service will have “Anointing of the Sick”)

Saturday, June 18: Catholic Lawyers and Business Professionals

Sunday, June 19: Catholic Societies/ Organizations: Knights of Columbus, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, and many more

Monday, June 20: Vincentian and Novena Families: All Who Attend Vincentian Parishes & the Monday Novenas (Past & Present Devotees)

Rev. Aidan R. Rooney, CM
Superior of the Vincentian’s Bolivian Altiplano Mission, and International Coordinator for FAMVIN

Fr. Rooney was born in Staten Island, NY, and was ordained a priest for the Congregation of the Mission in 1984. Before entering the Congregation, he was the Technical Director for Educational Theater at New York University.

As a Vincentian, Fr. Rooney has served in a wide variety of the works of the Congregation. He taught graduate level Research Methods and Statistics at Niagara University, served as Vocation Director and Director of Continuing Formation for the Eastern Province, and directed the Vincentian Youth and Young Adult program as well as the Retreat Program at the Vincentian Renewal Center in New Jersey. He also served as Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Germantown, and as Co-Director of the Vincentian Lay Missionaries in the United States. He is now both a Missionary on the Bolivian Altiplano, where he is the Superior of the Mission, and as the International Coordinator for the digital presence of the Vincentian Family: FAMVIN.

Fr. Rooney has served the Philadelphia community as Chairman of the Board of Partners for Sacred Places, a national non-profit headquartered in Philadelphia. He has also authored books of Vincentian reflections published by Paulist Press, and has given retreats, presentations, and conferences in the United States and Latin America. Fr. Rooney credits the Blessed Mother’s intercession with saving his life.