COmision Escrutadora

Counting votes

Fr. Gregory Gay, the Superior General, presiding, called on the Congregation to “go out” and continue to bring the Good News to the poor.

“…the first day is in the books and all went as smooth as possible, considering the varied backgrounds of the 111 delegates that were present today. So evening will pass and morning will follow for the second day.”

From the official summary…

To everyone’s surprise, the assembly was going ahead of schedule and so began meeting in small groups based on language to propose members of the Central Commission, who assist in coordinating and directing the assembly. They then voted on the slate of names to be chosen. Marcelo Manimtim, the president of Adamson University in the Philippines, was elected on the first ballot. On the second ballot, Miles Heinen of the Vincentian Solidarity Office, Christian Mauvais of France and Tomaz Mavric of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Vice-Province were elected. One last vote was taken before closing for the day and Joaquin Gonzalez of Madrid became the final member of the Central Commission.


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