PREDICABishop Varghese, a former member of the Congregation’s Curia, offered the following homily at the beginning of a day of recollection prior to the election of the Superior General and Assistants.

XIV Sunday in Ordinary Time: Lk. 10:1-12, 17-20: The Missionary mandate of all Christians.

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… The missionary does not go as a conqueror, but as a humble servant. So the attitude of a servant is expected from a missionary. This is very much in tune with the mind of St. Vincent.

  • Simple life-style    
  • They are to be bearers of peace
  • Contentment is another virtue required of a disciple
  • Show concern for the needy and proclaim the Kingdom
  • Even if rejected, they are to continue the proclamation     
  • They are not to be overenthusiastic with success

Today, the 3rd of July, we are celebrating the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle one of the first missionaries of the Church sent by Jesus himself.

A closer look at the events makes us understand that it was the ardent desire of Thomas to experience the Risen Lord. “

We also find the apostolic zeal of a missionary in St. Thomas: “Let us go and die with him!”

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