Flickr GA albumsIt once took months for news on Assemblies to filter back to Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission. Now not only have there been chronicles available for each day of the Assembly. Flickr follows the General Assembly! (For those not active in the various forms of social media Flickr is the digital equivalent of the family photograph album.)

Click on the above graphic to explore literally hundreds of photos already posted here at the two-thirds point of the 42nd such meeting. These meetings reach back close to 400 years. While we don’t have photos going all the way back the very first of more than a dozen albums has pictures as far back as 1861 almost at the dawn of photography with the invention the daguerreotype in 1839.

For those of you who know people at the 2016 Assembly, you can catch glimpses of them in formal and also unguarded moments. (We could probably have some kind of competition to see who recognizes the most people!) For those who don’t know anyone by name, it can still give a glimpse of how over 100 members of the Congregation of the Mission work, pray and play.

PS The no need to know another language such as French or Spanish! Photo speak a language all of their own.

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