IMG_7591Day, 15, July 11: Discerning Our Calling

After prayer and the approval of the minutes, the assembly began a discussion on the international missions. Based upon recommendations from the provincial assemblies, the delegates engaged in table discussions about how to animate these missions and to provide recommendations for their improvement.

Many noted the importance of providing hope and inspiration in the document while we recognize the challenges, both internal and external. How do we read the signs of the times to discern God’s call for us today? How do we celebrate 400 years of the charism? What is the Good News we bring to the poor?

After a short break, the assembly returned to small group discussions over another question for the final document: What fundamental elements of our charism can we lift up today to continue the mission? After discussion and discernment, the assembly prayed and adjourned for the day, giving their table reflections to the synthesis committee.

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