VSO 2015

In a brief visually attractive manner Fr. Mile Heinen offers a series of graphical insights by continent showing the impact of the Vincentian Solidarity Office.

Dear Friends,

Let us follow Christ in keeping the poor in our hearts!

2015 was a busy year for the VSO!

We can think of no better way to express gratitude for the efforts of our confreres, and the generosity of their supporters, than to let their projects speak for themselves. So this report showcases the projects served by the VSO during 2015: a testimony of Love in action.

Fraternally in St. Vincent,

Fr. Miles Heinen, C.M,

Click in order to view the 2015 annual report from the VSO:

Thanks to our collaborators in 2015 : –

  • -Adveniat
  • -Archdiocese of Cologne -Diocese of Essen -Diocese of
  • -Diocese of Essen -Diocese of
  • -Diocese of Haarlam
  • -Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
  • -Eastern USA Province of the C.M.
  • -Fr. Sy Peterka’s African Appeal for Hope
  • -Franz Foundation
  • -Italian Bishops’ Conference
  • -Kindermissionswerk
  • -Kirche in Not
  • -Manos Unidas
  • -New England USA Province of the C.M.
  • -Pontificium Opus A Propagacione Fidei
  • -USCCB Office for Central and Eastern Europe
  • -Vandenberg Middle School Global Club
  • -Western USA Province of the C.M.
  • -and many individual contributors (confreres, family and friends of our Congregation)

NB We wish Fr. Heinen much success in his new ministry as a member of the Curia in Rome!