VIncent-eye-mouth-150x150We have just learned that since 9/20 cmeast notifications of new stories have been missing in action. Hopefully, the situation has been remedied and you will get this post.

To catch up on what you missed..

Update on Brother Carmen

On Monday 9/26 Carmen begins treatment to shrink tumors that began in his esophagus. He greatly appreciates your prayers. Last Friday, at the community mass, Fr. Greg Cozzubbo, Superior, celebrated the anointing of the sick after the Gospel. As many of you know Carmen has devotedly been preparing the weekly Eastern Province Digest and Notebooks. For many […]


They never imagined 200 years ago

When 13 Vincentians left Europe 200 year ago they never imagined what took place today at the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Germanton, Philadelphia. More than 200 people gathered from all over the United States. More than 70 priests and brothers, 2 Vincentian Bishops, representatives of the Daughters of Charity and many other branches of […]

The Heart of Vincentian Higher Education

In an aptly titled presentation, “The Heart of Vincentian Higher Education” Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM capped the  St. John’s University 2016 annual celebration of “Founders Week”. His Vincentian Chair of Social Justice Lecture unpacked the theme “Vincentian Education: Illuminating Minds, Creating Opportunities, Serving the World”. He effectively showed how Vincent as far back as 1658 was […

13 Men on a Mission – 200 years later the legacy continues

13 Brave Men on an American Mission… and their legacy


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    Shrine Restoration winding up

    Shrine Sanctuary Restoration Continues  The restoration of the Miraculous Medal Shrine’s sanctuary in Philadelphia began on May 4, 2016.  The goal of the restoration is to remove the rug and restore this floor to its original brightness as well as make movement in the Sanctuary much easier. We have been assured it will be ready […]

    Prayers requested for Fr. John Prager

    Prayers are requested for John Prager, C.M., who suffered a heart attack this morning in Ecuador. John subsequently underwent surgery to receive a pacemaker and he is now in ICU. He has been serving as both Provincial of the Province of Ecuador and Director of the Daughters of Charity.


    Major celebration of the 200th anniversary of Vincentians

    Father Mike Carroll writes of the major celebration of the 20oth anniversary of the arrival of Vincentians in the United States… Here in Germantown, we are all getting ready for the celebration on Saturday marking the arrival of the confreres 200 years ago. There are about 190 people who will be joining us to welcome DeAndreis, […]