loughranPlease remember our former confrere NED LOUGHRAN in your prayers (ordination class of 1967). He is presently under hospice care in his home in Boston.

In March he learned that his prostate cancer, in remission for some eight years, has affected several lymph nodes, and he is presently under the care of a cancer oncologist. The prospects do not look good. He is bedridden and uses a special recliner.

Apparently he has little to no personal mobility. He is able to speak on the phone and appreciates friends calling him. He prefers we use his cell phone number. He asks us to spread the word about his situation to people who have been close to him through the years. Ned’s wife Maria is caring for him and very grateful for the support of our prayers. They have one adopted son, age 21, who is a senior soon to graduate from a college in Rhode Island.

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