new curiaFr. Tomaž Mavrič CM announces Curia responsibilities …

At a recent meeting of the General Council, held on 4 November, we concluded our discussion on the distribution of work among the members of the General Council that we had begun during our September-October Tempo Forte Meeting. I write today to inform you of the decisions reached as a result of those discussions. I will begin with the conferences and special assignments and then continue with the distribution of the provinces and vice- provinces.

Aarón Gutiérrez: CLAPVI Conference; Vincentian Family, especially JMV, AMM, and MISEVI; International Missions of Bolivia (El Alto, Cochabamba), Punta Arenas, and Angola.

Mathew Kallammakal: APVC Conference; Mission Distribution Fund (with the Treasurer General); International Missions of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea.

Miles Heinen: NCV Conference; Students at the Leonine College; Collaborator with the VSO and visits to the European Agencies; Solidarity Project (with the help of the Treasurer General) and the International Mission in Alaska.

Zeracristos Yosief: COVIAM Conference; International Missions of Tunisia (Tunis and Sousse), Benin, and Chad; Interreligious Dialog in collaboration with the commission coordinated by Claudio Santangelo.

Javier Álvarez: CEVIM Conference; Vincentiana, SIEV, and CIF; Project for Initial Formation.


  • –  Ethiopia (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Congo (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Madagascar (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Mozambique (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Saint Justin De Jacobis (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  Cameroon (Zeracristos Yosief)LATIN AMERICA – CLAPVI
  • –  Ecuador (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Central America (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Argentina (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Curitiba (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Rio de Janeiro (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Fortaleza (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Chile (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Colombia (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Costa Rica (Miles Heinen)
  • –  Cuba (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Mexico (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Peru (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Puerto Rico (Javier Álvarez)


  • –  New England (Miles Heinen)
  • –  USA Eastern (Miles Heinen)
  • –  USA Western (Miles Heinen)


  • –  South India (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  North India (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Indonesia (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  Oceania (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  Philippines (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  China (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  Vietnam (Mathew Kallammakal)


  • –  Austria-Germany (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  France (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Ireland (Mathew Kallammakal)
  • –  Spain-Saint Vincent (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Saragossa (Aarón Gutiérrez)
  • –  Hungary (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Italy (Zeracristos Yosief)
  • –  Portugal (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Orient (Javier Álvarez)
  • –  Poland (Miles Heinen)
  • –  Saints Cyril and Methodius (Miles Heinen)
  • –  Slovenia (Tomaž Mavrič)
  • –  Slovakia (Miles Heinen)

Holland, which depends on the General Curia, is entrusted to Miles Heinen.

I am certain that each of you, particularly the Visitors and Vice-Visitors, will collaborate with us during our visits to the provinces and vice-provinces and in our contacts with the confreres. For our part, we will do our best to assist you in every way possible. Please do not hesitate to call on the confrere assigned to your province or vice-province for any needs or questions you may have.