CMEAST is redecorating!

You didn’t need a special post to tell you that. But we thought it would be helpful to explain a bit about what is happening.

Our site is long overdue for a redesign. The changes you see now are the first of many over the coming months.

Ultimately we hope this process will make it easier for you to find what you want and engage with other people who are interested in the 400 year tradition of following Christ the Evangelizer of the Poor.

Our priorities in experimenting will stress the site being

  • Inviting
  • Easy to move around on and find things
  • More mobile friendly
  • An easy way for people to engage with one another

As we move forward we will try to move from what you are familiar with to what you will find more helpful.

We welcome your reactions and suggestions. They are important to us and we will take them seriously,

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of things that need immediate attention.

Thank you for your patience.