Today we begin presenting a new video series with the messages from the Superior General, Tomaž Mavrič, CM. These videos are addressed to the entire Vincentian Family in this Jubilee Year celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of our charism, the great inheritance that Saint Vincent de Paul left us.

These three videos place us in the context of today’s world. In addition to being a message for personal reflection, they are a call to take action both personally and as a Vincentian Family. Fr. Tomaž invites us to “Globalize Charity,” to deepen our “vocation,” and to go out “to the peripheries” in the service of those living in poverty as requested by Pope Francis.

We will continue to distribute in eight languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Slovenian, Slovak, Italian, and Polish, but we also want to disseminate in more local languages. You can follow on the YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter.  See below for the links to the videos in the other languages.

The idea and the development of the project comes from Father Luigi Mezzadri, CM, along with Piotr Dziubak, a filmmaker who has made movies and important documentaries. Some titles: De Gasperi-mio padre [De Gasperi – My Father]; Alle periferie del mondo con Giovanni Paolo II [To the Peripheries of the World with John Paul II]; Liszt; Das Fenster zur Welt – 50 Jahre Zweites Vatikanisches Konzil [Window on the World – 50 Years Since the Second Vatican Council].

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