As an alum of St. John’s Prep (1955) the following story about the “Next Generation of the Vincentian Family” caught my eye for a number of reasons. “The Prep” was established in 1870 by the Vincentian Fathers as the Preparatory Department of St. John’s College (later University). The Junior Ladies of Charity stand in the tradition of Confraternities of Charity founded by Vincent 400 years ago and now known internationally as AIC. A project of the Junior Ladies to care for neighborhood trees coincided with the celebration of Earth Day and impacted the local community.

St. John’s Prep Junior Ladies of Charity sponsored a two-day Tree Care Project.  Fifty-five St.John’s Prep students joined alumna Nancy Perez ’86 and the NYC Parks Department in caring for trees in their Astoria community.  After attending a talk and slide presentation by Ms. Perez, students planted trees, cleaned and mulched over 100 tree beds in a 5 block area around the Prep.  The students were warmly cheered and thanked by neighbors.  An ongoing project and partnership, the Prep welcomes the opportunity to be of service and to work to protect the environment.

St. John’s remains committed to the Vincentian mission and to developing leaders committed to joyful service and social justice.

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