It has only been in recent years that we have come to know much more about St. Louise de Marillac. As we celebrate the recently moved feast of St. Louise, VinFormation has provided a list of easily accessible resources which provide a window on this new research.

Since the feast of Saint Louise de Marillac always fell during Lent, it is preferable not to celebrate solemnities during that particular liturgical season. Therefore Rome approved May 9, the anniversary of Saint Louise’s beatification.

Among the resources…

  • How St. Louise Exemplifies Vincentian Leadership
    • This presentation is based on the article ‘God Wants First The Heart And Then The Work:’ Louise De Marillac And Leadership In The Vincentian Tradition by Louise Sullivan D.C.
  • eBook: Louise de Marillac, A Theologian
    • This reflection brings together various selections from Louise’s writings on such varied subjects as the Eucharist, the Trinity, the Blessed Mother, Love, the plan of God, etc. Louise read the Scriptures and was formed in biblical interpretation and also formed by various spiritual authors. She was willing to continue her formation by reading and meditation and as a result she had a clear and profound vision of God’s plan. She contemplated God and the ways in which God was revealed.
  • eBook: Louise de Marillac: Fully Woman
    • How St. Louise de Marillac utilized the personal blessings she received to rise above the many sufferings that afflicted her, and in doing so became fully woman.
  • Ascension through Pentecost with St. Louise
    • Louise regarded the period between Ascension and Pentecost as a time of special grace. She encouraged her Sisters to make a retreat during this time of waiting and praying for the Holy Spirit to come in fullness. The following presentation contains quotes from St. Louise for each of the eleven days between Ascension and Pentecost. May her words stir up the desires of our hearts to be open to the Spirit’s consoling and compelling grace. Come, Holy Spirit!
  • and much more.

[Sr. Betty Ann McNeil. DC, provides more details on the process of her beatification and canonization.