Today, in the context of Family Day at the Motherhouse, we celebrate our Jubilarians. This year’s 16 Jubilarians will total approximately 700 years of ministry in the Eastern Province. This does not count an almost equal number of years of service of those no longer with us by reason or death or departure who would be celebrating with them.
All these years of service are living proof of what Bishop David O’Connell reminded us of when he said…
When sending forth his first missionaries, St. Vincent de Paul said “our vocation is to go, not just to one parish, not just to one diocese, but to all over the world, and to do what?  To set people’s hearts on fire, to do what the Son of God did.  He came to set the world on fire in order to inflame it with his love.”
200 years ago, that number was 13.
But their fidelity was great, profound, inspiring, deeper, larger, more consequential than they ever imagined.
They set America “on fire” with Christ ‘s love; and the flame is still burning,
  • burning for the poor and abandoned
  • burning for those in formation for priestly ministry;
  • burning for those in countless churches longing to hear God’s Word;
  • burning in their confessionals, for those aching for God’s mercy;
  • burning for those in schools and universities seeking knowledge and wisdom;
  • burning in hospitals and prisons;
  • burning for and with the Daughters of Charity and the wider Vincentian family;
  • burning at home and in mission lands;
  • burning for justice and peace and inclusion and wholeness and Christ’s love.

This has always been and remains our charism and our mission; our place and our role in the Church; our sermon in the pulpit and on the city’s streets.

The following thumbnail sketches fill in the specifics

65th Anniversary – June 7, 1952

  • Robert J. Brandenberger spent some 30 years in Panama and 35 years in varying capacities at St. Vincent’s Seminary including 4 terms as four terms as Superior.
  • Joseph A. Elzi, during his 45 years in Panama served as Superior and Pastor.These years were followed by almost 20 yeasr in Hispanic Ministry in North Carolina.
  • William W. Sheldon spent most of his 65 years in formation of our confreres, the Daughters of Charity and young collegians.His ministry includes 15 years in Rome serving in our Curia in varying capacities.
  • Louis P. Trotta. In addition to more that 25 years at Niagara University in a variety of teaching and administrative posts. served in High School ministry and as Novice master. Most recently he has served CAMM and the in other forms of general ministry at St. Vincent’s Seminary.

60th  Anniversary – May 30, 1957 

  • Richard J. Kehoe dedicated almost half of his 60 years to the formation of future priests at the major seminary level. But he has also served as a missioner in Tanzania, faculty member at St John’s University and Chaplain to the SJU Lw School, Additionally, he was retreat master in Michigan and spent almost a decade at St. Joesph’s in Princeton.
  • Daniel J. Kramer, after more than a decade in Panamas, taught high school students in St. Thomas More and Archbishop Wood, He has also served in hospital ministry in Washington, parish ministry in Baltimore, Hispanic ministry in North Carolina. For the last 16 years he has been in general ministry at St. Vincent’s Seminary and St. Catherine’s Infirmary.

55th Anniversary – May 31, 1962

  • Brother Martin Schneider Is currently the longest serving confrere at Niagara University with some 45 years. He also served a number of years in Albany.

50th Anniversary – May 27, 1967

  • Joseph L. Levesque has spent most of his 50 years in higher education, most notably at Niagara University in a variety of administrative posts including President and as interim president of St.John’s University. Early in his career, he taught at.St. John’s Prep and Princeton. He also served 9 years as Provincial.
  • William J. O’Brien ministered for most of his years in parochial ministry from Greensboro to Emmitsburg and  Baltimore and Niagara Falls. He is currently serving as Spiritual Director of Central Association of the Miraculous Medal for the second time. Prior to this he served as treasurer of St. Vincent’s Seminary
  • Francis W. Sacks has served in a wide variety of educational settings from St. John’s University, Boynton Beach, Niagara, Auburn, Princeton. He has also served at Retreat Master in Michigan, Chaplain at Emmitsburg and, for a second time as Chaplain at St. Catherine’s Infirmary.

40th Anniversary  – May 28, 1977

  • Michael J. Carroll, after a number of years in secondary school ministry, moved to Ozone Park, New York and then 16 years at various high level administrative positions at St. John’s University. He has just completed 9 years as Provincial.
  • Michael J. Cummins has served mostly in New York State in Brooklyn, Niagara University. The greater part of his time has been occupied with administration at St.John’s University.
  • Joseph G. Hubbert, apart from his years at Catholic University, Mary Immaculate Seminary and St. Charles Seminary, has spent the majority of his priesthood at Niagara University.
  • Robert J. Stone,  with 4 years in Rome, has ministered in a variety of settings in the south from Florida, to Greensboro NC, Emmitsburg, MD and most recently in St. Vincent’s Seminary.

25th Anniversary – June 6, 1992

  • Patrick S. Flanagan served initially in parish ministry and then Niagara University. After studies for his doctorate, he spent the last 14 years at St. John’s University including terms as Superior of Murray House.
  • Emmet J. Nolan initially spent 13 years in Panama. He then was asked to serve in the ministry of formation including  Novice Master, and most recently in our Theologate.