Yes, it was a wonderful celebration of the Vincentian Family of the Eastern Province. But what is striking me today, the day after, is how eucharistic it was. Let me explain.
The basic meaning of Eucharist is thanksgiving, or praise for the wonderful works of God. We usually “give thanks” in sharing a common meal. That we did yesterday – twice. We shared the bread of life in the Eucharist. We also shared our lives around the tables in the courtyard of St. Vincent’s Seminary.
It was wonderful to share the lives of the 16 Jubilarians. Their families got to experience something of the family in which their brothers lived and labored during their years. Their families of origin also got to share some of the stories of the families from which our Jubilarians came forth.
In his homily, Fr. Emmet Nolan reminded us of the strength of an idea whose time had come – the Good News. Quoting Carl Rogers, a psychologist who shaped generations of other psychologists,..
“I had expressed an idea whose time had come. It is as though a pond had become extremely still, so that the pebbles dropped into it sent ripples out farther and farther and farther. Having an influence that could not be understood by looking at the pebble.”
We celebrated the approximately 700 years these 16 men shared the Good News in so many different ways.  We celebrated the mission and service of our newest affiliate Chris Murphy. But Pentecost Sunday reminded all of us gathered that each has mission of sharing that Good News; each of us are pebbles that create tiny waves of impact in time.
So yes, we celebrated Eucharist on so many levels in our thanksgiving, or praise for the wonderful works of God.
Enjoy the picture gallery of these visual images of Family Day as Eucharist!