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I must admit I never thought of making an examination of conscience in connection with the feast of the Assumption of Mary.

When I read the beautiful reflection on the place of the Assumption offered on the international site of the Daughters of Charity I realized there is much food for thought in just a few simple statements from the writings of St. Louise and their current Constitutions.

Thoughts to reflect on…

The feast of the Assumption leads Louise de Marillac to meditate on the beauty of the Mother of God. “The 15th August 1659 during the Holy Mass when I was to receive Holy Communion, I was occupied, thinking of the grandeur of the Blessed Virgin as Mother of the Son of God.” Louise continues her meditation, discovering the nobility of the human nature which Christ came to divinize and which he honors, in welcoming into heaven Mary, in her body and soul.

“I again noticed, that, by this means, the Son of God engendered, in some way, human nature for Eternity, rendering it capable of enjoying God there, according to his designs, which, it seemed to me, were great in heaven.”

“I implore Our Lord that today, you may closely accompany the Blessed Virgin in her death, by the voluntary sacrifice which you may have made, to die to yourself so as to live close to God, carrying out, for the rest of your days, his most holy will!”.

Questions to ask myself…

  •  Do I celebrate Mary’s feasts with devotion? Do I really consider her the model and teacher of my spiritual life?
  •  Do I “read” the events of my life in the light of faith, with belief that, “all things may work together unto good for those who love him”?
  •  In which manner, circumstances, do I feel invited to discover the dignity of every person I meet? Do I care about my spiritual life in order to offer a greater love through my everyday service?
  •  In my everyday choices, plans, hopes, do I think about my final destination, God’s loving plan of having me – his child – with Him in Heaven? Do I transmit this Good News to my neighbor?

A simple prayer service…

Please visit the site for the simple prayer service that envelops these thoughts and questions with quotes from Church teaching.