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Continuing the series presenting Fr. Robert Maloney’s  A New Century Dawns: Hopes for the Vincentian Family… In his classic manner, he presents historical context of VIncent’s time and the shifts in perspective that have taken place since his time.

Horizon shifts in recent time

We have moved
* From being disparate organizations operating largely on their own to becoming a “Vincentian Family” that meets often, plan together, does formation programs together, works together, and prays together.
* From being shaped predominately by European ideas and customs to being a truly international Family where the ideas and customs of all regions are honored and where personal and economic resources pour across borders.
* From and attitude of “assistentialism”, characterized by giving to the poor, to awn attitude of solidarity with those in need, working hand in had with them, engaging them in their own human promotion, their struggle for justice, and their best for systemic change.

He continues saying “I want to describe to you, as simply as I can, how I would love to see St. Vincent today. Of course, he lives on mainly in us, the members of his Family.

St. Vincent Today

* I hope that our Vincentian Family in the future will abound with “contemplatives in action”.
* I hope that our worldwide Vincentian Family with around two million active members will continue to grow as collaborators – a united force in the evangelization and integral human promotion of the poor
* I hope that, in addition to practical works of charity, which play such an important role in our tradition, our Family will stand at the side of the poor in their struggle for justice and systemic change.

* Four phrases give a fair summary of St. Vincent’s teaching about justice
* Justice should be accompanied by mercy (CV I, 458)
* There can be no charity if it not accompanied by justice (SV II,54)
* “Duties of justice have precedence over those of charity” (SV VII, 620)
* “In helping them (the Barbary slaves) we are doing justice and not mercy: (SV VII, 98)

* I hope that our family will continue to be inventive in developing systemic change projects.
* I hope that our Vincentian Family in the future will be active in sowing seeds of peace.

Your hopes

Fr. Maloney offered his hopes. How about yours?

  • What are your hopes for the Vincentian?
    Which of these hopes are you especially committed to?

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