You will be able to follow the live broadcasting from the Vincentian Symposium in Rome next week. FamVin has just released the schedule and related information.

If you need help with time conversions from Central European Summer Time visit

Saturday, October 14, 09:00 (Italian time, CEST) (3 AM EST)

Live streaming from Saint Peter’s Square from the following Internet webpages:

Saturday, October 14, 19:00 (Italian time, CEST) (1 PM EST)

Live from the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-The-Walls:
  • For the areas covered by Telepace, see the links listed below for information on viewing the TV program on the Telepace TV channel:

Sunday, October 15, 21:00 (Italian time, CEST)  (3 PM EST)

Holy Mass in the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls will be recorded and broadcast delayed at 21:00 (Italian time):
 Here at St. Vincent’s Seminary in Philadelphia we will be fortunate to have our own anchor, Fr. Bob Stone, offering translation from the Italian.


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