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EWTN celebrates the 400 years of the Vincentian Charism and the ways it is being carried on at St. John’s University.

Dr.Bobby Gempesaw, President of St. John’s University, the second largest Catholic University in the country, participated in the Vincentian Symposium in Rome. He is quite proud of being a part of that and  how St. John’s continues the Vincentian heritage of service to those who are poor and in need.

Half of its students are non-Catholic. Still, 90% of the student body is involved in programs which serve those who are poor. Obviously, this broadens their horizons regarding the needs of the marginalized today and what can and is being done.

St. John’s also puts its money where its mouth is. Given its mission of aiding the marginalized to have access to quality education, it commits 230 million dollars in financial aid.

The President points out that its students, no matter whether they are on one of its campuses in the USA or abroad in Italy, Spain and Rome participate in the Vincentian Mission. An interesting illustration is the “Panni Run” in Rome which has its roots in the “Midnight Run” in the USA bringing meals to the hungry on the streets where they live.

Yes, St. John’s is  Catholic, global and Vincentian!.

Pope Francis offered  his reflections in person.

I thank the Lord for the four hundred years of your charism. Saint Vincent generated a zeal in charity that has lasted through the centuries: a  zeal that came from his heart. That is why today we have here the relic: the heart of Saint Vincent. Today I would like to encourage you to continue this path, proposing three simple verbs I believe very important for the Vincentian spirit, but also for Christian life in general: to adore, to welcome, and to go…

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