Bishop Deliman quoted Mary’s words from long ago… “Do what he tells you!” He added what he sees as the implications of those words today. “Become foot washing disciples.”  With these words, he captured the spirit of the Closing Mass of the 2017 Solemn Novena of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. This novena traditionally closes the day before Thanksgiving.

He recalled his own clear memories of praying the novena prayers as an altar boy. Today, he reminded us that in the gospel she said: “Do Whatever he tells you!” Today, she continues to echo that message, She tells Vincentians “…become foot washing- disciples”.

I love that phrase “foot-washing disciples!” It certainly gave special meaning to the hymns sung in the context of a year of Welcoming the Stranger. For those who were not there let me suggest reflecting on these words from the songs.


We are the young—our lives are a mystery, we are the old—who yearn for your face.

We have been sung throughout all of history, called to be light to the whole human race.


Give us a heart, so meek and so lowly, give us the courage to enter the song.


Not in the dark of buildings confining; not in some heaven, light years away—

here in this place, the new light is shining; now is the kingdom, now is the day.


Here in this place new light is streaming, now is the darkness vanished away;

see in this space our fears and our dreamings, brought here to you in the light of this day.


Sing a new Church into being, one in faith and love and praise.
Draw together at one table, all the human family;
Shape a circle ever wider and a people ever free.


We proclaim your greatness, O God, your praise ever in our mouth;
ev’ry face brighten^ in your light, for you hear the cry of the poor.


Heav’n and earth resound the hymn!
At the conclusion of the Eucharist Fr. Steve Grozio gave a special shout out to our seminarians who shared in the ceremony. We look forward to them as they prepare to lead a new generation.


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