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I am doing some house cleaning … but first it involves creating and taking inventory.

This project has been necessitated by the fact that it was not the best practice to link to what I have published on other sites. Recently cmeast has been revised and migrated to another platform. All the links went to a hidden sector of the great cloud in sky.

However, with the help of Beth Nicol who has been the tech support person for literally 20 years, I was able to get a copy of everything I posted on that site. Since I was virtually the lone poster that meant literally thousands of post.

The bad news is that it means everything. That includes lots of material that I now would describe as news that is no longer news. In the coming week and months, I hope to weed out such material and possibly reinsert graphics that would mee with today’s standards.

Since I continue to write for a variety of sites this will not be a priority.

But as the About page indicated this site will try to accommodate those who repeatedly asked for some kind of an ardchive.