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Fr. Tomas Mavric writes…

“The birth of Vincentian Marian Youth 190 years ago was a clear wish of Mary, the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal. For this reason, let us continue collaborating with Our Mother in Heaven. Let us make her wish, which is also the wish of Jesus, be present in all corners of the world.”

In 1830 Mary had two messages. One concerned the Miraculous Medal. The other lesser-known message was to form youth groups. Mary said to St. Catherine “You will be the founder and director of a Confraternity of Children of Mary.

Not many groups can claim to be directly requested by Mary!

Beatitudes for those who would walk with youth

Fast forward to 2014 to a message from the participants of a Vincentian Marian Youth meeting in Paris. They put their hopes into words in the form of “beatitudes”.

Listen to their formulation of Beatitudes for Advisors of Marian Youth.

1.  Blessed are the companions, who know how to be silent in order to listen to the Word of God, they shall enable that Word to resound in the hearts of young men and women.

2.  Blessed are the companions who know how to listen patiently, they will instill confidence in others and will know the joy of seeing those other individuals grow.

3.  Blessed are the companions who are not scandalized by the personal experience of the young, they will discover God present in their life.

4.  Blessed are the companions who know how to love unconditionally, they will reflect the love of God.

5.  Blessed are the companions who do not compromise their values, their life of integrity will open the young people to the radicalness of the gospel.

6.  Blessed are those companions who transform discouragement into hope, those wounds and hurts will lead to the creation of a better world.

7.  Blessed are those companions who are creative and passionate, they will discover new ways to evangelize the youth of today.

8.  Blessed are those companions who recognize that their work is God’s work, they will know how to walk beside young people and allow them to be free.

Source VMY Newletter October 2014

We can hear these beatitudes as the cries of those who seek guidance as they respond to Mary’s call.

In his letter today, Fr. Mavrick says “it is time to start Vincentian Marian Youth groups among the young people you accompany in parishes, in social centers, in our schools, in universities, and in other meeting places.”

He continues,

“Also, I would like to take the opportunity to address those who, due to their age or some other reason, are no longer directly linked to VMY. To all of you, I invite you to continue collaborating and supporting young people in their formation and to make possible the growth of the Association throughout the world, according to your possibilities.”


  • Which of these beatitudes do I feel most comfortable with?
  • Which of these beatitude challenge me the most?

Click below for an audio version of this Mindwalk.

Beatitudes for Youth Advisors