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I rummaged through the FamVin archives looking for something else. I rediscovered this guest post written by Fr. Bob Stone CM. He recently went to meet his God and the Queen of Heaven.  I can see him now trying to verify whether the following post rang true with Mary.

Here I offer some excerpts. You may wish to explore the full article If Mary Were a Blogger – Her Own Words.

The following short piece is a small reflection I wrote after some of us had a spirited discussion about the role of Mary in our lives as an intercessor.

My name is Mary. I am mother to Jesus, the spouse of Joseph, and a Christian from the day of Pentecost. My son gave me to the apostle John just before He died, and Christians have considered me not only Jesus’ mother, but theirs as well. I lived with John until the end of my earthly life in Ephesus, and then I found myself from one moment until the next in the presence of the life-giving Trinity, truly caught up in the Beatific Vision.

From this place in heaven, everything that God sees I see, just as do all the angels and the saints. The effect of all I see leads me more deeply each minute into the life of God. I do see people’s joys and sorrows, sins and suffering, the cruelties they experience and their wishes for a better world. Every one of us joined together in the Beatific Vision sees as God sees.

This ability to see as God sees has asked for some effort from me. As a young girl I learned to pray, and in and around the birth of my Son I pondered all the things that happened. As I reflected on them in my heart, I grew in faith, hope, and love. I found that these virtues required me to be humble, simple, meek and gentle. I learned that I couldn’t crowd my mind or heart with things too sublime for me. Living this way was never easy...

My life here in heaven is simple. Although Christians of East and West have adorned me with many titles, as if I were a ruler or a superstar, I am Mary, mother of Jesus, mother of God (because my Son is both human and divine), and mother of all His brothers and sisters. I care about everyone, as any adult mother cares about her adult children. Every title which others use for me expresses just how deeply the salvation given us all (me included) by my Son touches every part of human life...

In his own name he writes…

I believe that this imagined locution of Mary is faithful to many things. It takes into account the four Marian doctrines of our Church: Mary as Mother of God; the Immaculate Conception; Mary’s perpetual virginity; and Mary’s Assumption into heaven.

It expresses what I believe the Beatific Vision means for everyone to whom God has united Himself by the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

More importantly, it presents a vision of what the spiritual life is like, and how we live it. …

I hope these simple reflections help us to retain a “Gospel vision” of the role of Mary in our lives. As we say in these days after Easter, “through her intercession, may we come to the joys of eternal life.”

Bob Stone, CM

Thank you Bob for sharing your life with us!

Click below for an audio version of this VIncentian MindWalk,,,

If Mary Had a Blog – Bob Stone, CM
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